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Developing leadership skills

Custom designed:

Quality, in-house training for your organisation’s needs


It has been said that the business world is full of competent managers, but there are a much smaller number of individuals that successfully combine their management skills with strong leadership skills. This thought provoking and practical programme helps managers understand what it is to be a leader. Using a mixture of theory, case studies and an online leadership 360 assessment participants are able to plan and deliver significant advances in their capabilities as a leader.

Creating a bespoke leadership programme:

Clients often ask us to run this day’s training as the first module of a comprehensive  programme including modules such as “Performance coaching and mentoring”, “Leading and Developing Teams”, “Managing Change” and “Action Learning Sets”


Developing leadership skills

“In my enthusiasm and intensity I will very often push people to the limits of their capabilities – and that must entail a certain degree of risk.  The great thing is that the risk pays off when that person suddenly finds something in themselves they didn’t know was there.”

Sir Georg Solti, Orchestral conductor

Training Style:

Interactive, enjoyable  and thought provoking. The workshop uses inputs from the course leader, group and individual exercises, and simulated interviews

More Information:

If you want to know more about this course or its suitability for you or a colleague, call us on 020 8374 3985 and speak informally to one of our course leaders, or message us

Who will benefit:

Current or soon to be managers and team leaders. It is also highly suitable for senior professionals e.g., Solicitors, Doctors and Accountants. Suitable for the Private, Public or Charity sectors.


  • To define “leadership”, and how it informs our mind sets and behaviours
  • To explore and describe the role of leaders within your organisation
  • To explore one’s own individual leadership style, highlighting strengths and areas for development - using a recommended Leadership 360 degree online Assessment tool
  • To support and coach individual leaders in formulating their ongoing personal development


(We customise and structure the content to your organisation's specific needs)

  • Defining Leadership
  • Exploring the differences between "Management" and "Leadership"
  • Exploring the latest academic thinking and paradigms on Leadership
  • Core leadership qualities and leadership styles
  • Learn how to be a pragmatist - balancing: pleasing the shareholders and your team!
  • Leadership: We need to examine our beliefs as well as our behaviours
  • Being flexible: Situational Leadership applied to your team
  • Understanding the current Leadership culture and challenges in your organisation
  • Designing the "Ideal Leader" for your organisation
  • Understanding and navigating the “Leadership pipeline”
  • Introduction to Assessment Tool
  • How to accept feedback on your Leadership style
  • Interpreting your strategic leadership 360 degree online assessment tool
  • Individual and small group exploration of results
  • Producing and committing to action plans to grow your Leadership
  • What will you do differently from now on?